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Refrigerator Repair

refrigerator repairAt Calgary Appliance Repair we specialize in all types of refrigerator repair. Our experts will service just about any brand you might have in your home. The fridge is one of the most important appliances in the home. It keeps our perishable products from going bad and stores frozen products for future use. When this unit goes on the blink it can be very stressful. You need someone you can trust to respond urgently to resolve the problem cost effectively. You need us.
No one in Calgary provides fridge repairs like we do. We are very detail oriented and our appliance specialists have been working in the trade for quite some time. When we start inspecting your fridge it won’t take long to detect the problem. Our troubleshooting skills are highly respected in our community. We find the problem and fix it. We don’t jack up prices and you will never find hidden costs in your bill. In our business, honesty is definitely the best policy to live by.

We Will Repair All Kinds of Refrigerators

There is a wide assortment of refrigerators being used in the homes of our Calgary customers. Yours may be home to one of the bottom mounted fridges. Another home may use the top mounted fridges type. Regardless of the type you use our experts can provide the repair service you need. Many homes use Side-by-Side refrigerators or French-door fridges. Our team has the proven experience to repair them all and we won’t empty your bank account in the process.

The common problems we find when repairing fridges is faulty door seals and gaskets. If the door does not close securely air leaks out causing the unit to work harder. Dirty coils and bad thermostat switches can also be a problem. There are occasions when the motor goes bad, but most of the time a simple replacement part will do the trick. Contact Appliance Repair Calgary for refrigerator repair in Calgary, AB that won’t let you down.